Saturday, April 28, 2007

My 5.0 Mustang

My 5.0 Mustang, originally uploaded by ironmanx.

My son, Joshua, had a soccer game today. They won 3 to 1, Yea !!!******

After sayin goodbye to him and his Mom, I took a few shots of my 5.0, then thought, hey, lets drive down PCH to the Huntington Beach Pier, and back. So I did ! Took a few shots to share, that you will see in a Set to the right of the picture when you get there.

Now it'z Nap Time...

If you want to send a 2 or 3 shots of your 5.0 to have on this blog, let me know !

All the Best My 5.0 Friend'z !!!******

Cosmic Photo Art

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