Monday, April 9, 2007

Crusin PCH, in My 5.0 Mustang

Crusin PCH, originally uploaded by ironmanx.

This was last week end...crused down PCH to Huntington Beach, and back up to Long Beach, I LOVE it !!!******

This is North of the Huntington Beach Pier, and befor getting into Sunset Beach. A long strech of open highway, ( for here, maybe a couple of miles ), with the beach on my left here.

Quite, peacful beach, sun, sky and the inchanting roar of my 5.0...

All the Best My 5.0 Freind'z !!!******


Sunday, April 8, 2007

Parked on PCH - Takin it Easy...

2day'z outing..., originally uploaded by ironmanx.

California...I LOVE It !!!******

Just out crusin PCH, Enjoying a Beautiful day !!!******
This is right after a drive through Tapanga Canyon...

All the Best My 5.0 Friend'z !!!******


San Gabriel #4

san_gab_4, originally uploaded by ironmanx.

Discovered San Gabriel Canyon a bout a year ago, Great drive. I want to do some more exploring there !!!******

From this location, I could see the river, and there was a bridge just up the road from here.Took a shot of my 5.0 from the other side too, little better light.

Will want to get some more picture's the next time I go !

All the Best My 5.0 Friend'z !!!******

Digital Art World

Mary's Mustang - Matty Mustang, Gets Pimped !!!******

Sit back and Enjoy, this is a Great show of Mary's Surfin Mustang getting a make over !!!******

Television MTV - Mary and her 1967 Mustang or “Matty Mustang” as she likes to call it, have been through a lot together. The Mustang is three different colors, four if you count rust, the windows are broken, there is stuffing from the seats everywhere, and although the seat belts work, the seats aren’t even bolted to the car, and there is no floor beneath the driver’s chair.

From iFilm

All the Best My Mustang Friend'z !!!******


Some Great Ford Mustang Links

From Ford Mustang FAQ's.

All the Best My 5.0 Friend'z !!!******