Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some Photos of My 5.0 Mustang While Hangin Out in the Mountains

Mountains 5.0 Mustang Me #1

Some Photos of My 5.0 Mustang While Hangin Out in the Mountains

After meeting with Jan & Bill Coghan, ForeverGreen Business Partners of mine and having a great mexicam lunch together...I drove up into the near by mountains in Rancho Cucamonga, California...meditated, took some photos and walked around a bit...

Mountains 5.0 Mustang #3

Mountains 5.0 Mustang #4

Here are some more photos I took that day while in the mountains with My 1989 5.0 Mustang !

Resent Photos of My 5.0 Mustang

My 5.0 Mustang #3

Resent Photos of My 5.0 Mustang

Just got My 1989 5.0 Mustang out of the garge to go pick up Joshua (my son) from school, and saw it there in the light and said, gotta get a few pictures !

My 5.0 Mustang #6

My 5.0 Mustang #1

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cruisin Up 101 Along the Beach in Santa Barbra, in my 5.0 Mustang

Peace_Church_Pismo_Beach_2-8-09 158

I drove up to Pismo Beach, California a couple weeks ago to meet with some of the other Peace Church Ministers. We had a Wonderful week-end and getting to know each other on even deeper levels.

Above is a stop I made on my way back from Pismo Beach, at Visita Point, to have a quite time and do This Sound Healing Video, plus take a picture of My 5.0 Mustang =)

Peace_Church_Pismo_Beach_2-8-09 067

I did a few videos that week-end this is one I did while driving up the 101 coming into Santa Barbra, on my way to Pismo Beach.

Peace_Church_Pismo_Beach_2-8-09 096

I had been seeing the Carl Shelby talk about Z Max on the Speed channel and picked some up before my trip. I added it to my oil first, then after putting it in my gas, at 1/4 tank as instructed, my "Check Engine" light would gently come on then off for the next 45 min. of driving. I called a friend of mine who raced Sprint cars, and uses Z Max too, and he confirmed it was just burning off stuff and would stop when the work was done. He was right. Man it drives Even Smoother now with the Z Max, I Love it !!!****** =)